Sports Betting Apps for Your Smartphone

According to The Economist, about $20B are spent on gambling by Australians annually. More than half of this amount is spent on poker machines. However, it isn’t just the poker machines that Australians like to gamble on. They also spend on sports betting; it is estimated that from the $20B gambling expenditures, $230M are consumed for sports betting every year.

Sports Betting Apps

Seeing that several people are hooked on sports betting, there are several companies who have come up with sports betting apps to make life a bit easier for bettors.

What are the advantages of using sports betting apps?

There are several advantages to using sports betting apps. Convenience tops the list. With your smartphone, you can easily place bets through the app anytime and anywhere you want. Another benefit to using sports betting apps is that you can also easily compare offered odds from different apps. This way, you can quickly determine which has the best offers. Moreover, you’ll also have quick access to your funds. In addition, managing your funds through these apps is risk-free as well. Like Au Free Bets or Sportsbet, these apps will also give you valuable information about your favourite sports betting events. Sounds good? Why don’t you try downloading sports betting apps to your smartphone?

Here are some apps that might help you with your sports betting needs.

  1. Odds Insider – This app can help you make informed bets when it comes to football games. You can even see real-time changes in the lines.
  2. Best Bud – One of the best apps that you can download on your Android. It can give you quick calculations of win/loss probabilities. It can also show you the team schedules as well as track betting history.
  3. Basketball Bet Predictor – As the name suggests, this app can help predict outcomes of NBA games. In fact, you can expect weekly updates. This app will definitely be great in assisting bettors decide where to put their money for the NBA season.

However, do take your time researching about an app before downloading them on your smartphone. Make sure that they are receiving good reviews and are safe to use. Otherwise, the unreliable apps might use your personal information for their own purposes.

Security for Motorcycles

Motorcycle - disc brakes

One evening during dinner my wife opened a conversation about how she learned that her cousin just recently had his Hayabusa stolen.  I told my wife not to worry since I only park in the office and the garage in our house.  I also told her that if a thief wants to steal my bike they would have done so by now.  Shortly after I completed my sentence my wife introduced my new best friend the Kryptonite KryptoLok DFS 10.  In the two years that I have owned my bike I never put a chain or a lock of any kind on it.  I just always thought that keeping my bike inside our garage and parked in my office where there is a security officer was sufficient to protect my bike.

My wife convinced me that I invested time and money into my bike and that she knows it makes me happy and said that she did not want to see my unhappy if it ever got stolen.  She said that it would make her happy if I accepted the little pouch that she had which contained a nice little two pound  Kryptonite KryptoLok DFS 10s in chrome.  When I opened it and saw how small it was I guess it wouldn’t hurt if I put it on my bike.  From that time on, I never left the house without it and still cannot believe that I never had one.

I give the Kryptonite KryptoLok DFS 10s a five-star rating after learning of all its features: a stapler style disc lock with 10mm pin diameter for increased theft protection, hardened drop forged steel resists cutting, sawing, freezing and chisel attacks, a new, dual-reinforced, high security, disc-style cylinder, 2 high security “I” keys.  The only thing that I needed to get used to was to remember it is attached to the brake discs otherwise I could end up damaging my disc brake or tipping over.  Make sure you have one of those cable locks or a sticker or some visible reminder to remove it before riding.

I also give my wife ten-star rating for taking the time to go to the nearest S3 Performance dealer to buy motorcycle brake pads and being such a wonderful caring partner and even cared for my bike even if she never rode it once in the entire time that I have owned it.

Apple | Extend Laptop Battery Life

Booting up your laptop for an important business meeting or presentation and then getting short changed by the battery information on your taskbar has always been a constant fear among laptop users. You just can’t trust everything you see on your battery status icon. Good thing is that a company is working on an app that changes the whole dynamic of monitoring and conserving battery capacity.

Apple Laptop Battery

Battery Project LLC is looking forward to share with the public an app that poses to solve those battery frustrations. Presentations, papers, video editing and photo manipulation processes and a whole lot more are nearing the safe zone and away from frustrating battery drains.

Jeff Lynch and Steve Steiner say that they know that feeling so they decided to get up and get the  work going on an easy app that stretches the boundaries of laptop battery utility. Saying that the usual laptop battery also needs exercise, the app will do calibration work and maintenance on the battery to maximize energy usage. This means, the app will be responsible on tuning the battery stats to it optimal range to provide maximum battery life.

The app is already user friendly substitute to other in-system applications that also feature status reports to the user to help tweak the setting to adapt to the needs of the current battery requirements. It’s more like a fine tuning app that suggests tailor fitting to save your battery capacity and maximize work loads as well.

The computer savvy company has been in the app design business for a while and is also looking to introduce the app to Apple users in the market.

Apple users will be the first to benefit from the app. It will be available for a low nominal fee and also a subscription fee to keep up to date with updates and other system calibrations. Gone will be the days when laptop users are in a Russian roulette with their battery status. Smarter and sound solutions get the better of battery problems.

For more information, please visit or contact Australia’s leading laptop battery retailer A1 Batterypro, who specialise in apple laptop batteries

Email marketing as an effective online marketing tool

In today’s society, electronic mails (or simply e-mails) have become one of the most preferred ways of people to communicate and to exchange information. A lot of people have been dependent on their emails as their way to get informed and updated most especially on things that interest them the most. This is the reason why companies have started to include this modern form of communication in their marketing schemes.

Email marketing, in its broadest sense, is the way of companies to promote their product or services by sending them exclusive offers and promotional materials directly to their electronic mailbox. Research shows that a lot of companies all over the world are starting to see the potential and invest on email marketing. It has proven that EDM (electronic direct marketing) is an effective tool if you want to improve or enhance your relationship with your current and loyal customers for them to be informed on new offers or promos as well as to encourage them to do business with you again. Also, EDM is perfect for those who want to acquire new customers

or for those who are finding ways to easily and effectively tap their target market.

Various agencies offer email marketing services to companies who want to try it out. Digital agencies such as Scorch make this possible through an email marketing software. However, the effectivity of the emails sent through those email marketing softwares depends on how good the programs are. The company that offer the said email marketing services should make sure that their program does not violate any spam laws such as the European Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations of 2003, the A

merican CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-solictied Pornography and Marketing Act) and the use policy of their internet service provider.

Norton Internet Security 2012

Norton has been one of the most trusted anti-virus brands in the market. Over the years, the brand has proven that their anti-virus softwares are one of the best if not the best out there. That is why when news about 2012 Norton Internet Security has been released, a lot of people have anticipated what it can offer.

norton internet security 2012

2012 Norton Internet Security has been made to provide the best possible protection that a user need as he is browsing the internet. As expected, it offers a lot of benefits and provides lost of useful features that once can enjoy.

One of the main benefits of 2012 Norton Internet Security is its advanced protection to stop viruses, spyware and online identity theft. In this anti-virus edition, there are four different layers of smart protection that makes it identify and stop incoming threats quickly as well as proactively protecting, detecting and eliminating the treats before they enter your computer. Monthly reports will be released to update the user on what are the common threats that had been blocked for the month.

Online surfing and doing other tasks online such as shopping and banking can be done securely and with no worries. E-mails that have been received as well as messages from instant messengers and downloads are automatically scanned before you open them. This edition of Norton’s anti-virus also guides the user by identifying those safe sites and blocks those unsafe sites. Through this, cybercriminals can be prevented by stealing information from you. Its antiphishing feature is really impressive.

2012 Norton Internet Security also has the parental control management feature, or most popularly known as the Norton Online Family feature. This award-winning feature will be very useful especially to those users who have kids. Through this, parents can monitor and track the websites that their kids are visiting when they go online, as well as the ability to block inappropriate sites for their protection. It also lets parents keep an eye on the social network activities of their children as well as those people who their kids are chatting with online.

Another impressive feature of 2012 Norton Internet Security is that it does not make the computer system to slow down or to be disrupted. That is just one of the many major problems of anti-virus owners—-slow scanning speed, interrupts the current task you are doing and its need for a very huge disk space. Norton was able to give solution to all those problems in this edition. The computer scanning is very fast and the program did not eat up a huge amount of space on the computer’s memory and hard disk space.

As for the system requirements, the operating systems it support are Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Vista and Windows 7. As for browser support for phishing protection, it supports Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or later and Google Chrome 10.0 or higher.

2012 Norton Internet Security definitely provides a comprehensive protection for online surfing. The features it offers are impressive compared to those that are being offered in the market.

Trend Micro Titanium 2012 PC Protection Suite

Most available protection suites nowadays have been recycling features in their previous suite packages. And most of the times, these protection suites are very hard to use because of the complicated design and interface. Trend’s Micro Titanium Maximum Security gets rid of all this fluff while retaining core protection aspects for a reasonable price.

First off, Trend used a user friendly control system that provides light use for their product. It consists of easy to manage windows that respond in real time whether you would want to see status updates on scans, sweeps and threat monitors. This is probably one of the Titanium’s strong points for maximum protection suite. It’s light and easy to use for the less tech-y out there. Another plus is that you can personalize your windows with pre loaded skins and even a background photo from your own PC or laptop.

Next is the ultimate protection that you get from the suite. Some full protection package suites often get outdated with the latest virus developments and probably not that equally prepared for online threats but Trend made sure it does away with that. With online protection, including blockers that stop viruses or pop ups from even downloading to the computer. Sweet add ons like social networking site protector identify possible dangerous links from the sites and as well as in search engines and messaging clients. Though some reviews argue that anti virus protection that comes with Titanium is possibly just sub par or even below par when compared with other packages, Trend made sure it made up in other aspects for compensation.

Backup system on the Titanium is also a notable up size in the package. With 10GB worth of online storage, users get to enjoy a sizeable amount of data with online connection. Music, movies and important files can be easily used on other devices. The Titanium package also comes with a mobile counterpart that supports Symbian, Android, IOS and Windows mobile devices. Its safe to say that it provides extra coverage for your phone as well.

Spam filtering also counts as one the Titanium’s strong trait. At first, users would have to manually turn the spam filter on but when it is switched to ‘go’ mode, it actually works better than expected. Important and valid bulk mails are let through but other spam or flood messages are filtered, implying the smart tech put into the feature.

Though there are equal protection packages out there, Trend’s Titanium max security package can be the solution to most anti virus, malware and online protection problems out there. For a lowered price of $44 for 3 PC’s, it’s a pretty good buy for the features it packs. Of course, some people would argue that other packages fare way better than the Titanium but it all actually depends on how much coverage and risk they need and put their computers in. This number from Trend counts for a good choice and a contender in the market. Just make sure you read and understand all the features and instructions for better operation.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 Review

Tired of getting virus or malware programs on your computer when browsing the internet? You might want to get your hands on Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. All you need from your PC are the following:

  1. 1 GB RAM for a 32 bit operating system / 2GB RAM if you are running 64 bit Windows
  2. 480 MB minimum free hard disk space
  3. Either Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows XP Service Pack 2  (both 32 bit and 64 bit)
  4. 1Ghz processor or higher
  5. Internet

On the other hand, netbook requirements include the following:

  1. Windows XP home  or any of the latest Windows OS
  2. 1 GB RAM or higher
  3. Intel Atom processor 1.6 Ghz or higher

Once you’ve got these requirements, you can finally grab your copy of Kaspersky Internet Security 2012.

Three things come to mind when Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is mentioned.


First, it is definitely easy to install. Setting up and running this program should post no problem even for the technophobes out there. It even looks for conflicting anti-virus programs before it proceeds to install. The features included in the Kaspersky program look promising; definitely, these are things that will be helpful when fighting off malware from your computing devices.

Second, it runs in the background smoothly without causing any problems while you’re working on your PC, laptop, or netbook.  Not only that, the layout has changed for the better. This means the new layout has removed the clutter and has introduced big icons at the bottom of–making it easier to go about the interface.

Third, it is an effective anti-virus program that is packed with several features. It detects threat fast and immediately does proper action to safeguard your files. Some of the other features included in the Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 include:

  1. Spam Protection – Very helpful for blocking unwanted/unknown emails
  2. Parental Control – Helps you block sites not safe for the children. You can also limit the time they spend on the computer
  3. Virtual Keyboard – Great for avoiding key loggers
  4. Ad Blocker – Avoid pesky ad pop ups during your surfing / browsing experience
  5. Firewall – Block hackers from doing damage on your files

There are several anti-virus programs that you can choose from. Some programs with features that others don’t have. However, you can’t go wrong if you decide to get the Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. It’s safe and easy to use. The price for this anti-virus program is not bad either.  Most importantly, it is one of the most effective anti-virus programs available in the industry.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 is available now from The Good Guys.