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Trend Micro Titanium 2012 PC Protection Suite

Most available protection suites nowadays have been recycling features in their previous suite packages. And most of the times, these protection suites are very hard to use because of the complicated design and interface. Trend’s Micro Titanium Maximum Security gets rid of all this fluff while retaining core protection aspects for a reasonable price.

First off, Trend used a user friendly control system that provides light use for their product. It consists of easy to manage windows that respond in real time whether you would want to see status updates on scans, sweeps and threat monitors. This is probably one of the Titanium’s strong points for maximum protection suite. It’s light and easy to use for the less tech-y out there. Another plus is that you can personalize your windows with pre loaded skins and even a background photo from your own PC or laptop.

Next is the ultimate protection that you get from the suite. Some full protection package suites often get outdated with the latest virus developments and probably not that equally prepared for online threats but Trend made sure it does away with that. With online protection, including blockers that stop viruses or pop ups from even downloading to the computer. Sweet add ons like social networking site protector identify possible dangerous links from the sites and as well as in search engines and messaging clients. Though some reviews argue that anti virus protection that comes with Titanium is possibly just sub par or even below par when compared with other packages, Trend made sure it made up in other aspects for compensation.

Backup system on the Titanium is also a notable up size in the package. With 10GB worth of online storage, users get to enjoy a sizeable amount of data with online connection. Music, movies and important files can be easily used on other devices. The Titanium package also comes with a mobile counterpart that supports Symbian, Android, IOS and Windows mobile devices. Its safe to say that it provides extra coverage for your phone as well.

Spam filtering also counts as one the Titanium’s strong trait. At first, users would have to manually turn the spam filter on but when it is switched to ‘go’ mode, it actually works better than expected. Important and valid bulk mails are let through but other spam or flood messages are filtered, implying the smart tech put into the feature.

Though there are equal protection packages out there, Trend’s Titanium max security package can be the solution to most anti virus, malware and online protection problems out there. For a lowered price of $44 for 3 PC’s, it’s a pretty good buy for the features it packs. Of course, some people would argue that other packages fare way better than the Titanium but it all actually depends on how much coverage and risk they need and put their computers in. This number from Trend counts for a good choice and a contender in the market. Just make sure you read and understand all the features and instructions for better operation.

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