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Norton Internet Security 2012

Norton has been one of the most trusted anti-virus brands in the market. Over the years, the brand has proven that their anti-virus softwares are one of the best if not the best out there. That is why when news about 2012 Norton Internet Security has been released, a lot of people have anticipated what it can offer.

norton internet security 2012

2012 Norton Internet Security has been made to provide the best possible protection that a user need as he is browsing the internet. As expected, it offers a lot of benefits and provides lost of useful features that once can enjoy.

One of the main benefits of 2012 Norton Internet Security is its advanced protection to stop viruses, spyware and online identity theft. In this anti-virus edition, there are four different layers of smart protection that makes it identify and stop incoming threats quickly as well as proactively protecting, detecting and eliminating the treats before they enter your computer. Monthly reports will be released to update the user on what are the common threats that had been blocked for the month.

Online surfing and doing other tasks online such as shopping and banking can be done securely and with no worries. E-mails that have been received as well as messages from instant messengers and downloads are automatically scanned before you open them. This edition of Norton’s anti-virus also guides the user by identifying those safe sites and blocks those unsafe sites. Through this, cybercriminals can be prevented by stealing information from you. Its antiphishing feature is really impressive.

2012 Norton Internet Security also has the parental control management feature, or most popularly known as the Norton Online Family feature. This award-winning feature will be very useful especially to those users who have kids. Through this, parents can monitor and track the websites that their kids are visiting when they go online, as well as the ability to block inappropriate sites for their protection. It also lets parents keep an eye on the social network activities of their children as well as those people who their kids are chatting with online.

Another impressive feature of 2012 Norton Internet Security is that it does not make the computer system to slow down or to be disrupted. That is just one of the many major problems of anti-virus owners—-slow scanning speed, interrupts the current task you are doing and its need for a very huge disk space. Norton was able to give solution to all those problems in this edition. The computer scanning is very fast and the program did not eat up a huge amount of space on the computer’s memory and hard disk space.

As for the system requirements, the operating systems it support are Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Vista and Windows 7. As for browser support for phishing protection, it supports Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or later and Google Chrome 10.0 or higher.

2012 Norton Internet Security definitely provides a comprehensive protection for online surfing. The features it offers are impressive compared to those that are being offered in the market.

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