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Apple | Extend Laptop Battery Life

Booting up your laptop for an important business meeting or presentation and then getting short changed by the battery information on your taskbar has always been a constant fear among laptop users. You just can’t trust everything you see on your battery status icon. Good thing is that a company is working on an app that changes the whole dynamic of monitoring and conserving battery capacity.

Apple Laptop Battery

Battery Project LLC is looking forward to share with the public an app that poses to solve those battery frustrations. Presentations, papers, video editing and photo manipulation processes and a whole lot more are nearing the safe zone and away from frustrating battery drains.

Jeff Lynch and Steve Steiner say that they know that feeling so they decided to get up and get the  work going on an easy app that stretches the boundaries of laptop battery utility. Saying that the usual laptop battery also needs exercise, the app will do calibration work and maintenance on the battery to maximize energy usage. This means, the app will be responsible on tuning the battery stats to it optimal range to provide maximum battery life.

The app is already user friendly substitute to other in-system applications that also feature status reports to the user to help tweak the setting to adapt to the needs of the current battery requirements. It’s more like a fine tuning app that suggests tailor fitting to save your battery capacity and maximize work loads as well.

The computer savvy company has been in the app design business for a while and is also looking to introduce the app to Apple users in the market.

Apple users will be the first to benefit from the app. It will be available for a low nominal fee and also a subscription fee to keep up to date with updates and other system calibrations. Gone will be the days when laptop users are in a Russian roulette with their battery status. Smarter and sound solutions get the better of battery problems.

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