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Security for Motorcycles

Motorcycle - disc brakes

One evening during dinner my wife opened a conversation about how she learned that her cousin just recently had his Hayabusa stolen.  I told my wife not to worry since I only park in the office and the garage in our house.  I also told her that if a thief wants to steal my bike they would have done so by now.  Shortly after I completed my sentence my wife introduced my new best friend the Kryptonite KryptoLok DFS 10.  In the two years that I have owned my bike I never put a chain or a lock of any kind on it.  I just always thought that keeping my bike inside our garage and parked in my office where there is a security officer was sufficient to protect my bike.

My wife convinced me that I invested time and money into my bike and that she knows it makes me happy and said that she did not want to see my unhappy if it ever got stolen.  She said that it would make her happy if I accepted the little pouch that she had which contained a nice little two pound  Kryptonite KryptoLok DFS 10s in chrome.  When I opened it and saw how small it was I guess it wouldn’t hurt if I put it on my bike.  From that time on, I never left the house without it and still cannot believe that I never had one.

I give the Kryptonite KryptoLok DFS 10s a five-star rating after learning of all its features: a stapler style disc lock with 10mm pin diameter for increased theft protection, hardened drop forged steel resists cutting, sawing, freezing and chisel attacks, a new, dual-reinforced, high security, disc-style cylinder, 2 high security “I” keys.  The only thing that I needed to get used to was to remember it is attached to the brake discs otherwise I could end up damaging my disc brake or tipping over.  Make sure you have one of those cable locks or a sticker or some visible reminder to remove it before riding.

I also give my wife ten-star rating for taking the time to go to the nearest S3 Performance dealer to buy motorcycle brake pads and being such a wonderful caring partner and even cared for my bike even if she never rode it once in the entire time that I have owned it.

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