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Sports Betting Apps for Your Smartphone

According to The Economist, about $20B are spent on gambling by Australians annually. More than half of this amount is spent on poker machines. However, it isn’t just the poker machines that Australians like to gamble on. They also spend on sports betting; it is estimated that from the $20B gambling expenditures, $230M are consumed for sports betting every year.

Sports Betting Apps

Seeing that several people are hooked on sports betting, there are several companies who have come up with sports betting apps to make life a bit easier for bettors.

What are the advantages of using sports betting apps?

There are several advantages to using sports betting apps. Convenience tops the list. With your smartphone, you can easily place bets through the app anytime and anywhere you want. Another benefit to using sports betting apps is that you can also easily compare offered odds from different apps. This way, you can quickly determine which has the best offers. Moreover, you’ll also have quick access to your funds. In addition, managing your funds through these apps is risk-free as well. Like Au Free Bets or Sportsbet, these apps will also give you valuable information about your favourite sports betting events. Sounds good? Why don’t you try downloading sports betting apps to your smartphone?

Here are some apps that might help you with your sports betting needs.

  1. Odds Insider – This app can help you make informed bets when it comes to football games. You can even see real-time changes in the lines.
  2. Best Bud – One of the best apps that you can download on your Android. It can give you quick calculations of win/loss probabilities. It can also show you the team schedules as well as track betting history.
  3. Basketball Bet Predictor – As the name suggests, this app can help predict outcomes of NBA games. In fact, you can expect weekly updates. This app will definitely be great in assisting bettors decide where to put their money for the NBA season.

However, do take your time researching about an app before downloading them on your smartphone. Make sure that they are receiving good reviews and are safe to use. Otherwise, the unreliable apps might use your personal information for their own purposes.

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