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Sports Betting Apps for Your Smartphone

According to The Economist, about $20B are spent on gambling by Australians annually. More than half of this amount is spent on poker machines. However, it isn’t just the poker machines that Australians like to gamble on. They also spend on sports betting; it is estimated that from the $20B gambling expenditures, $230M are consumed [...]

Security for Motorcycles

One evening during dinner my wife opened a conversation about how she learned that her cousin just recently had his Hayabusa stolen.  I told my wife not to worry since I only park in the office and the garage in our house.  I also told her that if a thief wants to steal my bike [...]

Apple | Extend Laptop Battery Life

Booting up your laptop for an important business meeting or presentation and then getting short changed by the battery information on your taskbar has always been a constant fear among laptop users. You just can’t trust everything you see on your battery status icon. Good thing is that a company is working on an app [...]

Email marketing as an effective online marketing tool

In today’s society, electronic mails (or simply e-mails) have become one of the most preferred ways of people to communicate and to exchange information. A lot of people have been dependent on their emails as their way to get informed and updated most especially on things that interest them the most. This is the reason [...]