I Have a Strange New Job

I guess that I would have thought this sort of thing was going to be more difficult when I started out, although the fact is that you can not really find las vegas asian girls. That was what I was sent to do, but of course these girls are not in the business for thrills. I suppose you could find cheap girls, maybe there are some girls who would enjoy taking their clothes off in front of a bunch of drunken idiots. I am sure I could find some if I dedicated my life to that search, but that seems like a fruitless pursuit in the short term. At any rate they sent me here to look for an isolated location for the party and to book the entertainment. This is a big operation and I have a budget, but it is not big enough for the things that they are asking me to get for them.

In fact they want a platoon of strippers and some girls who will do more than that for the company. The idea is really sort of desperate and if they get caught it could turn into a disaster. They know that the big trade show is coming up and they think that they are in the situation where they have to come home with a lot of new orders. So they have decided to do whatever it takes to do exactly that. In fact I found that you can whatever I want in this area, but only if I am willing to pay for it.I have been dealing directly with some of the girls by private message, trying to negotiate better terms to get within my budget. They laugh at me and claim that their services are in great demand. They feel no urge to offer discounts.

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