I Just Got Back from School Again

Of course I am still taking about four hours of college credit online, but nothing which has any stress to it really. The spring semester I was loaded down with all sorts of high pressure science and math. Almost as soon as I got home my neighbor asked me if I wanted to work for his tree company in Hendersonville NC. I might do that, but I will try to find something a little less dirty and strenuous with a lot more chance of meeting and talking to girls as well. I do not mind that, not so long as my feet are on the ground and nothing falls on my head. Of course my Dad taught me how to use a chainsaw when I was 11 years old and I can handle one just fine. He even taught me how to tear one apart and fix one, at least to fix a few things that he knew how to fix. When I help out with this stuff I just pick up the mess and I also try to make sure they do not leave big dents in people’s yards.

I am more interested in finding something sort of like an internship, I applied for quite a few of them in Raleigh and Charlotte, although that would be a lot more complicated. It is a really big deal to have my old room to live in rent free. I am not totally broke, but I am headed that way. I had too much class work to really hold a job last semester. Passing those classes really required me to focus. The girl I used to date hated that, she wanted me to focus on her and now she found some other guy to do that. Of course she wanted a guy with more money too.

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