Six Easy Steps to Laying Down Vinyl Flooring

Deciding to install vinyl flooring in my own house was an easy decision for me. I had contemplated the different types of flooring that I could lay down, and I went with vinyl for a few different reasons. The first is because I really like how it looks. The second is because it is a cheaper flooring alternative. Finally, after looking at, I determined that I would be able to lay the floor down on my own without having to go into the added expense of having a professional install the floor throughout the dining room and kitchen of my house.

I had looked at different flooring sites to get an idea of what I wanted, and that is how I came to find the site that showed me just how easy it is to install vinyl flooring on my own. There were six steps total of varying difficulty. The nice part is that even the hardest part of the installation was not that difficult for me to handle on my own. The first thing I had to do was measure the dining room and kitchen. Both are part of an open floor plan, so that was actually quite easy to do.

I then had to smooth the floor that was already in there. The purpose of that was so I did not have to do an additional step, which was to lay the underlayment down. Since the floor was smooth by the time I was done, I was able to skip that step and focus just on putting the vinyl flooring pieces down. I got the flooring that already had the adhesive stuck on it, so I just had to peel that part away and start applying the pieces to the floor. It really was as easy as that, and I have received quite a few compliments on how the new flooring looks!

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